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Congratulations, You’re are a Published Author

What’s Next?

Have you been thinking about ways you can use your book or your story to create some additional income?

final-workbook-3d-imgAfter The Story How to Create a Six Figure Income From a Book

This jammed pack course consists of

4 Audio Training Sessions


Comprehensive Workbook that will share an abundance of ways to use your book, story, articles and blog posts to create dynamic programs, products and performances for the purpose of moving to the next level!

Step by Step, each piece of this course will


  • Help you find the “golden nuggets” of information and inspiration that will be used to create your programs and products


  • Teach you how to use those “nuggets” to actually create those programs and products


  • Give you the What to do
  • What
  • And the How to Do it
  • How To
  • Inspire you to take action on what you are learning


  • Direct you to the tools you will be using along the way


  • Share ideas, methodologies and state of the art technologies to utilize in monetizing your story


  • Teach you how to format and use coaching programs Book of dollar signs

And Much More!!!

Work at Your Own Pace!

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This course is designed to allow you to take as much time as you need to absorb all that is here for you. At the same time, you have the full support of our team as you work.

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