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                     Wake Up Women Joint Venture Exchange                       $10.00 monthly membership

  • Private Facebook group for all members
  • Private Focus Group
  • Tips on how to get the most out of the coaching lessons
  • Monthly tele-coaching call with one of our JV experts
  • You will also get great discounts on products and services ONLY to JV Members
  • 50% discount on Bounce Coaching session $60 hour normal fee…
  • Free access to Drive Time Coaching
  • VIP upgrade status for select Wake up Women events.
  • Join up with us daily on social media platforms…Exclusive private GroupsQuicker Picker upper- Live stream broadcast


    Tuesday-Transformational Tuesdays Join up with Teresa Velardi and her tips on transforming your life. 

    Wednesday- Drive Time Coaching 

    Saturday is our Conscious Raising Revival and our streaming video live events


    Get-together with others in your community for sharing and helping.


    Tele-summits, virtual summits, (free to coaching café members) non-member fee $9.97

    Annual-Live Event

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