Looking for love online of all places…A Multi Media experience.

Looking for Love online of all places

Once upon a time love stories used to go like this. Girl sees boy; their eyes meet from across a crowded room. Smiles are exchanged and a bolt of electricity flashes across the room. Cautiously one approaches the other with a clumsy or charming conversation line running over and over in their head. Then the introduction is made, and a conversation begins.

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The times they are a changing.

With present day online dating sites and dating platforms people meet and fall in love who would never have known the other existed without the technical capabilities of the World Wide Web.

With over 1,500 dating sites and dating apps and 40+ million American singles heading online to find love, the online dating options are endless.

According to Online Dating Statistics & Facts, there are 91 million people worldwide using dating apps. With all these apps one would think when it comes to love this will leave us living “hAppily Ever After”

Pew Research had a recent study that looked into the percentages of people in the US who have used dating sites and found that 5% of marriages in the US are by people who met through online dating. The numbers are there online dating has grown from a new way of dating to being the second most popular way to meet.

Maneuvering through the world of dating has always been unpredictable but with the invent of online dating it’s a whole new game of love. Looking for love online of all places…. Finding Ms. Or Mr. Right is a multi-media experience created to guide you from your profile to walking down the Aisle.

Never mind if you are a Newbie to online dating or experienced at it, even the Serial online dater will gain valuable insights. We put together this entire multi-media experience to work for everyone, regardless of race, preferences, religions, or locality. Step-by-step we take you through the stages of dating helping you avoid the pit-falls that many fall into. Complete our Love Resume and gain insight into your relationship fitness…Hear ten ONLINE DATING STORIES that will restore your faith in dating again. We provide assistance with every aspect of getting it together and making it happen…for you. Get to know experts who specialize in relationships and gain their golden nuggets of tips and techniques finding Ms. or Mr. Right When it comes to looking for love online of all places…

  1. It all starts with your profile. Creating a message that is clever, but not creepy takes talent.
  2. What is the best approach when you are creating your profile?
  3. What is the best picture?
  4. How long should you converse before you decide to meet?
  5. How do you make sure you don’t move to quick?

“To much too soon” is as bad as “To little too late”.

  1. So when is the right time to take the plunge and ask for a date?

We help you to discover and uncover writing methods used by the top selling authors. Knowing these secrets alone will help your profile stand above the crowd. A picture may paint a thousand words… BUT…Did you know; if the real you does not resemble the photo in the profile those thousand words become one thousand unfavorable perceptions of you. It’s easier to get the first date than it is to make it to the second, so be authentic. BE YOU. These tips are just the tip of the information just waiting for you to crack open and download into your relationship tool-kit..

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