Our Mission Vision

To be the inspiration, catalyst and number one resource hub for women around the world to wake up and stay awake to their creative power, their capacity for love and joy and their ability to make a difference in their own lives, the lives of others and life itself.


  • The premise that the universe is a place of abundance, freedom and creativity not a place of scarcity, fear and obligation. That given new structures for commerce and business we can all share in the available riches in life.
  • The belief that the purpose of life is joy. And we, as women, are at our best when we are living daring, fun, high energy connected lives of creativity and contribution.
  • A commitment to visionary training and education focused on freeing women from negative self talk, worry and self doubt.
  • The fundamental belief that when we Wake Up and live a life we love we change not only our own experience of life but the experience of life for others.
  • The knowledge that women are natural leaders whose time is NOW. Each woman has a unique expression and the inherent leadership skills of love, community, collaboration and cooperation.
  • The realization that the world is ready for the voices, intentions and inspired actions of women to come together to create a critical mass that alters and expands life for all beings on the planet.
  • The clarity that we are ready with media and community strategies for maximizing exposure, leveraging promotion opportunities and developing a highly recognizable brand identity.


The vision of a comprehensive business and socially responsible and profitable community will develop in phases and is made up of several elements including:

  • Wake Up Women – team authored books of inspiration and empowerment.
  • Wake Up Women – media, promotion and marketing campaigns taking books to the Best Seller List and beyond.
  • Wake Up Women Coaching Cafe – an on-line collaborative conscious business endeavor for Wake Up Women authors to present their books, programs and products to the world and a resource and listing directory for women’s programs and products.
  • Wake Up Women Alliances & Joint Venture partnerships with cause initiatives, non-profits and like minded socially conscious for-profit businesses to expand the impact and the message of Wake Up Women.
  • Wake Up Women Virtual Coaching Program The Positivity Factor life success plan
  • –Opportunities to learn and expand skills and mastery in business such as speaking, writing and internet marketing as well as empowerment in the areas of emotional, financial, spiritual and physical health and well being, career, family and relationships.